We selected six bands for the month of June.  Now we need you to vote for your favorite BeatCrave Fav of the month!

Your choices include: pop duo from Los Angeles full of raw intensity with a hot, pop-electro style Dwntwn (listen here), Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer with a homegrown feel Joy Valencia (listen here), electronic, post punk London trio whose music is surprisingly refreshing and very much original Villa Cola (listen here), four rockers from Baltimore whose piano-infused tracks are bittersweet and emotional Alice Anna (listen here), psychadelic blues group whose overall ambient sound is loud and in-your-face Rival Sons (listen here), and rapper/producer writing well-written verses to a thoughtful song with a good flow Ian Davis (listen here).

Which Band or Artist Is Your Favorite BeatCrave Fav For June?

  • Joy Valencia (61%)
  • Rival Sons (36%)
  • Dwntwn (2%)
  • Villa Cola (1%)
  • Alice Anna (0%)
  • Ian Davis (0%)

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This poll closes Friday, July 1st at 12pm PST.