What happens when a music festival is canceled just a few days prior to its commencement? A ton of angry tweets, people demanding refunds, bands with no venues to play, and an army of Hanson fans screaming shenanigans.

As you may have heard Sunset Junction, the little community event that became a giant music festival, had the plug pulled just 48 hours before the function and what ensued was not the chaos one would expect. The community got together, venues booked bands, block parties formed, and an almost SXSW style event took over the Silverlake/Echo Park areas for a weekend of free (and some paid) shows.

Taking cue from Sunset Junction past, Dangerbird Records hosted a free (yes, Sunset Junction was once free) day party (with donations being accepted for the Pablove Foundation). This fiesta featured a plethora of bands including Beatcrave favs Vanaprasta and Useless Keys.

Even with the sun pounding down on an almost 100 degree day, Vanaprasta had no problem getting the crowd dancing. Guitarist and sleigh bell extraordinaire Cameron Dmytryk looked a little too much like a fan when he snuck into the crowd with his set of jingle bells. While trying to get back to the stage security grabbed Cam and flung him back into the loving fans.

While the party was still going strong at Dangerbird we made our way over to The Satellite to catch a formal show with some more of the artists that the Junction had castoff.

Australia’s Art vs. Science brought out all the stops and just about all the local Aussies for an early evening show. The trio sounds as if Daft Punk decided to make the heaviest dance-synth grooves over your local carnivals haunted house backing track. Its heavy, spooky, and a straight up party.

Frontman Dan McNamee had the crowd joining every hand clap, chanting every chorus and even using their, “flippers to get down”. While the crowd was getting down Jim Finn was getting down with his self, hair flying while rhythmically rocking (both physically and musically) his keyboard.

Dan Williams might have taken it a bit far, spitting water on the fans, but the spray just made the crowd laugh causing Williams to stick out his tongue while he thrashed away at the drums. Art vs. Science took control of the entire crowd with chunky riffs resulting in an early evening dance party with jumping, fist pumping, and seizure like shaking.

Almost appropriately another arty band, Art Brut, closed the evening. While we could hang on to every word of singer Eddie Argos, this evening it was a tad difficult. It seemed like his microphone turned off every song and the guitars just became overpowering noise. Eddie didn’t let any of the technical problems (or a missing setlist) dampen the set.

Eddie let out a few choice 4 letter words at his faulty mic but he also got the entire venue to bend down to the sticky floor when he came out in a crowd to join the adoring crowd for a little storytelling. If that wasn’t “Top of the Pops” the crowd also got to shout out requests for the final few songs.

This past weekend really proved that old saying “The show must go on”. All weekend long there was some kind of show going on, something to make every fan happy, except those Hanson fans. They just will have to keep on waiting.