Long Beach band, The Wind, recently released a brave double disc that has it all. Harum Scarum’s 23 tracks aim at a mostly 60s throwback, with a quasi-circus feel, and keep up the pace of impressive musical reference, ranging from symphony nods to The Beatles and Tom Waits (in a parlor fantasy kind of way).

Even with the humble-student-imitates-professor nudge to rock’s seniors, The Wind’s epic release feels timeless and modern. The quartet come up with something uniquely original and palatable, much like Band of Horses with their brand of Americana, or The Morning Benders and their take on baroque pop.  Harum Scarum is, as its length suggests (80 minutes plus), a kind of academic lesson in how to treat varying musical genres well, and, consequently how to sell records.

Not that The Wind appear all that hell bent on pushing units. They are so confident you will come back for more they are offering the first disc of Harum Scarum for free.  That’s right, this west-side outfit really want you to hear them play at their own expense (and possible peril). It’s worth taking the offer (guilt laden as you might be) because the super-ambitious double disc has all the trappings of an end of the year list maker. The prolific band have mentioned beginning recording on a new album already but get to this one first while it’s still gratis.

Harum Scarum is a perfect record for the waning days of Summer with its hug your-beach-buddies swagger on “Sunshine and Peace of Mind” and its rom-com montage slash French café effervescence on “Hathor.” It will lullaby you to sleep with its creepy echo on the opener, “Shellwhite,” and it will wake you back up with the varied pace of “I Am The Same As Yesterday.” Hum along with the lovedream anthem, “Some Place” and reminisce with Meddle-days Pink Floyd on, “Clemencious.”

In short, hear Harum Scarum on the double.

See them live at The Silverlake Lounge on September 14.

Rating: 9/10


Disc 1:

  1. Shellwhite
  2. Hathor
  3. Marvel Me
  4. Pussyfoot
  5. Oh, Hadihu
  6. Do Geese See God? Yes.
  7. Lucy
  8. Come On
  9. Clemencious
  10. Unless, I’m A Liar
  11. Bruise-Eyes
  12. Hathor Reprise

Disc 2:

  1. An Astral Dance And A Shared Dream
  2. Sunshine And Peace Of Mind
  3. All The Country Roads
  4. I’ze Born A Rich Man
  5. Some Place
  6. 27 Cent Blues
  7. Distractions
  8. This Is The Modern World
  9. I Am The Same As Yesterday
  10. Yankee Brig
  11. Monsters