San Francisco-based indie dream pop artist Courtship released his sophomore album Eve in May. Two of the tracks from that album have been re-compiled into a 4-track remix album, Eve Remixes, that features the chimera of four separate artists/bands: :papercutz, Drop/Dead, Albert Swarm, and Drifter.  The result? A peppy fata morgana of Patrick Fallon’s original determinist melodies that keep the mysterious depth but elevate the minimalism into multi-faceted, and even dancable, club hits.

“Want Not” is pure 80′s keyboard-vibe undulation, intermittent drum-kicks providing an illusory foundation for the heavy vocal content that speaks of  unrequited love and then crumbles into a disoncerting pause with gentle, troubled semi-a cappella that grieves in series of mumblings about loss and desire. Drop/Dead’s remix turns the song into an upbeat, fast-paced track that loses the lyrics altogether to become a long-lived trance that sometimes lapses into the feeling of eeriness that the original inhabits so well. Albert Swarm takes it a step further, retaining more of the original beat but bringing back Patrick’s vocals in an otherworldly, muffled way and pairing them with female vocals to create a more upbeat version of loss.  Albert beautifully brings the song out of introversion.

The original track of “Housed” also contained a sort of introverted loneliness, contained in an ominous bee-buzz complementing Patrick’s deep, distracted voice. Keyboards rained in suddenly to ping out a trance-like melody and tambourines shook fearfully in the background. But :papertcutz’s remix of Housed scrambles the original track out of immediate recognition and into a completely different song. Both Drifter and :papercutz retain the original vocals–:papercutz adds a playful pitchy modulation to them while Drifter scatters the voice amongst new voices. We particularly like :papercutz’s remix because it features a driving piano beat that is perfectly derived from Courtship’s keyboard and not only retains that beautiful, acceptance feeling of loss we see in the original, but adds just the right sound effects to encourage the feeling of being trapped, inspired, motivated despite capture.

Overall, this album is a layer cake of Courtship’s original E.P.–a sweetly-satisfying mixture that sometimes overindulges in a sort of mindless, unfeeling trance but carries on the conversation that Courtship began, adding a club pop appeal along the way and answering the loneliness of the parent album with an eerily positive ambience.  Both Eve and Eve Remixes are sold on BandCamp.  Find Courtship on SoundCloud or Twitter. Also, don’t forget to check out :papercutz on their Official Website, Drop/Dead on SoundCloud, Drifter on BandCamp, and Albert Swarm on BandCamp.

Rating: 8/10


  1. Housed (:papercutz Remix)
  2. Want Not (Drop/Dead Remix)
  3. Housed (Drifter Remix)
  4. Want Not (Albert Swarm Remix)