Camaraderie and forged family ties within bands are necessarily a given, and Tulsa, Oklahoma-based pop/rock band Stars Go Dim are far from the exception in that regard. Bassist Michael Wittig and guitarist Joey Avalos met during their days as members of Christian rock group, Pillar, adding  vocalist Chris Cleveland to their ensemble, and finally forming in 2007.

Theirs is an introspective and far-reaching take on the pop genre – with enough lyrical universality to resound emotionally within many, as well as enough harmonious rock in vocals, guitar rifts, and backbone rhythms alike. Their latest single, “Like I Mean It” was released nearly a year ago, but there’s been no shortage of their presence. Not only are they set to play a number of shows this fall, but their forthcoming album, Between Here And Now, will make its way on personal soundsystems of varying sizes on October 4th. Check them out in our BeatCrave Fav series below, and if so inclined, vote for them as your favorite in our poll at the end of the month!

Pick of the Day: Stars Go Dim

Type: Pop/rock

Label: JMA Music

Band Members:

  • Chris Cleveland (vocals, piano)
  • Joey Avalos (guitarist)
  • Michael Wittig (bassist)


“Get Over It” (Official Music Video)

“Come Around” (Live in Tulsa at the otherside)

“Walk On” (Live in Tulsa at the otherside”

“Crazy” (Live at Mayercraft Carrier 2 Lido deck show)
[youtbe IWeNSeY3Vac 570 420]


  • Stars Go Dim EP (2008)
  • Love Gone Mad (2009)
  • Like I Mean It [Single] (2010)
  • Hesitate [Single] (2011)
  • Between Here And Now (2011)


Upcoming Shows:

  • 9/29 Tulsa State Fair – Tulsa, OK
  • 10/1 Mullins Center – Amherst, MA
  • 10/22 Harbor Amphitheatre – Rockwall, TX
  • 10/28 Rock Without Limits Festival – Balingen, Baden-Würt, Germany
  • 11/12 Castine Center at Pelican Park – Mandeville, LA

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