Over three years after Michael Jackson‘s untimely death and days of postponement, the trial of overdose-prescribing-physician Dr. Conrad Murray began in Los Angeles today.  Initially slated to be televised (who would turn off The Ellen Show to watch a trial?), Murray’s non-guilty plea to felony involuntary manslaughter was heartily contested with toxicology reports and images of Jackson’s corpse.

Rolling Stone reports that Deputy District Attorney David Walgreen opened the trial with an hour-long address to the jurors:

“Michael Jackson literally put his life in the hands of Conrad Murray. [...] That misplaced trust cost Michael Jackson his life.”

New York Times suspects that the majority of the trial will focus on propofol, the drug prescribed to Jackson for insomnia:

Much of the trial is expected to be taken up by medical experts testifying about the effects of propofol, which is most commonly administered intravenously, and not usually used outside medical facilities.

It doesn’t look good for Dr. Conrad Murray.  We’ll be interested to scoff at-er, listen to, his defense. Your thoughts on the trial?