Old Man River, aka singer-songwriter Riley Brown, is probably one of the sweetest sounds we’ve heard lately. Whether performing solo or with a band, Brown brings to the fore the talent of stirring up emotions with more than special effects and pleasing visuals. But it would be doing the concept of Old Man River a disservice if we neglected to knowledge the visual aspect of his music. His videos, a few of which we have gladly secured for you here, are built on a lyrical foundation of interpersonal relationships and love of life, but stitched together with brilliant color, fun storylines, and an overall psychadelic feel – the parts creating a whole that takes you somewhere else entirely. And when combined with such ambient melodic themes, you’ve got a recipe of simultaneously ethereal and prodigious proportions. Check him out in our BeatCrave Fav series below, and be sure to vote for him in this month’s poll!

Pick of the Day: Old Man River

Type: Folk rock, psychadelic

Label: Indie

Band Members:

  • Riley Brown (vocals/guitar)
  • Liam Flanagan (bass guitar)
  • Danny Heifetz (drums)
  • Rosie Henshaw (backing vocals, sitar)


“Norway (I Like It Like This)”

“You’re On My Mind”

“In This World”


  • Trust (2010)
  • Good Morning (2007)


Upcoming Shows:

  • 10/6 Pianos – New York, NY
  • 10/13 Pianos – New York, NY
  • 10/20 The Factory Theater – Marrickville, Australia
  • 10/21 Powerhouse Turbine Hall – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • 10/22 The Factory Theater – Marrickville, Australia
  • 10/25 The Corner Hotel – Richmond, Victoria, Australia
  • 10/26 The Corner Hotel – Richmond, Victoria, Australia
  • 10/27 Rosemount Hotel – North Perth, WA, Australia
  • 10/29 Wave Rock Weekender – Hyden, WA, Australia

More Info:

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