Well, this certainly is… interesting.  Fred Durst, long known as the frontman for the incredibly stupid—just plain stupid—band Limp Bizkit, as well as being something of a well-renowned douchebag, has agreed to star in a new CBS sitcom… called Douchebag (really, you can’t even make this stuff up).

Douchebag will apparently “revolve around a rock star trying to balance his family life with his career commitments,” and will be written by Matthew Carlson, who previously wrote for the ABC blink or you’ll miss it sitcom Mr. Sunshine.

So… again… to repeat, one of the douchiest lead singers in the history of douche lead singers, who fronted one of the douchiest bands in the history of douche bands, has now agreed to star in a sitcom on CBS (a job frequently home to douchebags), and the is going to be entitled Douchebag.  Seriously.  It’s as if the world has decided to simultaneously mock and yet reward Fred Durst for being one of the douchiest human beings to ever walk this earth.  I can’t decide whether this news is funny or depressing, or maybe just a little bit of both—kind of like Durst’s career in general, you know?

What do you think of Durst’s new sitcom?

Source: Billboard