The conclusion of British coroner Suzanne Greenway regarding Amy Winehouse‘s death was released today by The Guardian. According to her investigation, Winehouse had drank too much alcohol, and she ruled her cause of death as “death by misadventure.” Why misadventure, you ask?  Why, that’s just their way of saying ‘overconsumption’ across the pond (we suppose).  Whatever the best translation, apparently Winehouse had consumed five times the legal driving limit at the time of her death.

 According to MTV News, Amy’s family has doubts regarding the conclusion:

Father Mitch, mother Janis and brother Alex were on hand when the toxicology results were announced. A family spokesperson said, “This is closure of sorts but I don’t think they are relying on this verdict. … They are a very close family and they know how Amy was in the days before her death.”

It’s not surprising that the Winehouse family should doubt Amy’s relapse–as the family spokesman references, Amy had been abstinent for a long period of time before picking up drinking again the day before her death (her doctor Christina Romete told Us magazine). Hey, if it’s more consoling to them to believe she died of alcohol withdrawal instead, as Mitch has been suggesting for some time, we say let them believe whatever they want! Death is difficult to cope with. Sometimes delusion is helpful.

Meanwhile, we’re going to continue relying on fact, and the fact is that the British coroner has some pretty revealing evidence. From MTV:

Coroner Suzanne Greenway said, “She had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416 mg per deciliter [of blood] and the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death.”

In non-technical terms, that’d be about .4% blood-alcohol-content–over 4 times the level of legal blood-alcohol-content in California (which is .08%).  Moreover, police had found three empty vodka bottles when they arrived upon the scene on July 23rd.

Believe what outcome you want (ahem, Mitch), but we’re going to stick with “misadventure” as our choice c.o.d. It provides some closure for us, at least.  How do you feel about the news?