It’s that time of year again, when you get to spend the weekend dressed up as your favorite pop culture figure, or gals can dress up as a sexy cat, a sexy nurse, a sexy tomato, a sexy pocket calculator, or whatever else you can wear a short skirt and fishnets with.  We thought we’d take a moment here at Beatcrave to offer up a few last minute suggestions for those of you still hunting for that perfect Halloween costume—just dress up as your favorite musician!  It’s a lot easier than you think.  Happy Halloween, gang.

10. Elton John

Ok, so this might not be the easiest suit to cobble together at home.  But hey, if people don’t guess that you’re Elton, you can at least pass for Donald Duck, and that’s something–two for the price of one!

9. Madonna

This is easy.  Swing buy Victoria’s Secret and buy something lacy and/or shiny.  Attach two of those neck cones they put on dogs and cats after a surgery.  Viola!  You’re a material girl.

8. Jim Morrison

Seriously, all you need is a Tony Orlando wig and some leather pants, and boom—you are now officially the Lizard King (or, if you live in L.A., just about every jerk on the Sunset Strip).

7. Freddie Mercury

Pretty easy, but you might want to check your dignity at the door of whatever Halloween house party you visit.  Also, you’ll need the superhuman ability to grow the perfect moustache.

6. Eminem

Quite possibly the easiest costume on the list.  Just dye your hair yellow, wear some oversized clothes, and scowl real hard all night long.  Oh, and threaten to kill your girlfriend every now and again.  It helps the overall vibe.

5. George Clinton

Best way to approach this?  Splash a lot of fluorescent paint on the ground.  Dress up as a homeless person.  Now roll in that paint.  You’re done.

4. Axl Rose

This is a toughie.  While the outfit may be easy—dress like you are totally insane—you’ll need a braided wig, and you’ll need to attach, like, 15 pounds of greased silly putty to your face to achieve that fine Botox sheen.  For Halloween professionals only.

3. David Bowie

Step one: Buy a red mullet.  Step two:  Wrap a bunch of your grandma’s ugly curtains as tightly around your body as you can.  Step three:  Swallow any pride you may have.

2. Marilyn Manson

So easy.  Just think, ‘what would Lady Gaga wear to Hot Topic?’

1. Lady Gaga

Stop by your local grocery store.  Buy a ton of meat.  Avoid dogs.

What will you be for Halloween?