Cassiopeia started off as the side project of Missing Bricks, having since branched off from a primarily alternative rock sensibility to old-school rock n’ roll with pop and folk influences. They bring forth a sound that American Bandstand would have loved – but that’s not all. It is worth mentioning that reflective view back towards 1988 coupled with an overall essence of longing and heartache for a loved one is a message being able to transcend the decades, sure; but the Bellingham, Washington-based band’s strength lies in the art of variety. A banjo here, a slightly different rhythm there, the same honey-dripping vocals that help carry each song – all comprise a unique take on a familiar genre, relevant and welcome to the 21st century music scene. Due to their production (as well as putting out music that sticks with you), their following is strong, verifying the resilience, integrity, and welcome intimacy of the indie scene. They will soon release a full-length album later this month; until then, check them out in our BeatCrave Fav series below.

Pick of the Day: Cassiopeia

Type: Pop, retro, folk

Label: Indie

Band Members:

  • Jake Barrow
  • Ali Khan
  • Jake Heinen
  • Cassandra Croft

Upcoming Shows:

  • 12/18 The Nile Theater – Phoenix, AZ


“Nantes”, by Beirut (cover)
[youtube AVSa4UYsY9M 570 420]

“Young Rapscallion”, featuring Sean Kayes (Live)


  • Caroline’s EP (September 2011)

… with a full-length album projected to drop at the end of this month!


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Lead photo by Jess X Chan