It’s that time again, gang—Thanksgiving weekend is upon us.  With the beginning of the holiday season comes a time to begin making a list of the things we are all thankful for, and we here at Beatcrave have  made our own special list.  A catalogue of the five musical moments that pleased us the most in 2012, our list contains such news items as a major pop band’s hiatus (thank God it finally happened), a rock ‘n roll idol ending months of rumors that he may be retiring by announcing a new tour, the announcement that someone was a “Douchebag,” a surprise baby-daddy announcement, and more.  It was a weird year for music, but these five items gave us something to be thankful for.

5. Bruce Springsteen Announces 2012 E Street Tour, New Album

After the death of saxophone player Clarence Clemmons in the summer of 2011, the future of the E-Street Band was uncertain.  After months of agony in which Bruce Springsteen fans had no idea if they’d ever see their idol play with his band again, Springsteen announced the E-Street Band would return in 2012 with not only a live tour, but a new album as well.

4. Fred Durst To Star In New CBS Sitcom… Called Douchebag (Seriously)

Come on—despite the fact that it’s another paying gig for a guy who simply doesn’t deserve one, the fact that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst will be officially branded as a douchebag by a television show… well, it makes my Grinch heart three sizes too big.

3. Dr. Conrad Murray is found guilty

There hasn’t been much in the way of good news when it comes to the sad case of Michael Jackson’s last days—it’s a sordid tale of drug addiction, a shady doctor, a fallen pop icon, and greedy family members and record labels capitalizing on Jackson’s death.  However, one bright moment (if you can call it that, involving as it does so much sadness), was when, finally, someone was held accountableDr. Conrad Murray, the man who supplied Jackson with the drugs that killed him.  It didn’t bring the pop star back, but it at least gave the sad situation some semblance of justice.

2. Black Eyed Peas Announce Hiatus

Seriously—does this need any explanation?  No more crappy singles, no more crappy award show appearances, no more crappy albums.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Black Eyed Peas, thank you for going away.

1. Justin Bieber Is Possibly a Baby Daddy

OK, so it’s becoming more and more apparent that Justin Bieber actually didn’t knock up 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, but that doesn’t change the malevolent glee that burst into the hearts of Bieber-haters everywhere when they thought that maybe, just maybe, the silly pop idol might finally slip from his pointless pedestal.  Even if it didn’t come true, it was dark dream worth being thankful for.  WE’LL GET YOU SOMEDAY, BEEBS… SOMEDAY!

What musical news were you thankful for this year?