The question of the day is: If you had a $10,000 tuft of the late entertainment genius Michael Jackson’s hair, what would you do with it? An online gambling site bought a small portion of hair from online memorabilia merchant Gotta Have Rock & Roll for $10,871 and plan to convert that piece of hair into none else but a roulette ball. What? You wouldn’t pay 10K for a small piece of some dead guy’s hair and make a useless roulette ball out of it? Seriously, they’re an online gambling site. What use do they have for a real roulette ball anyway?

The rather useless and spendthrift site,, released a statement about their latest purchase. According to Rolling Stone, it is their way of attempting to immortalize the King of Pop:

“As its proud new owners, we have decided to convert Michael Jackson’s hair into a roulette ball – an appropriately unique way to immortalize a small part of a truly peerless entertainer”

Wow. Just think. We’re all only a hairball away from being immortal. Well, if that isn’t enough, their statement continues: “The ball itself will be made to the highest professional standards, ensuring it will be eligible for use at any licensed casino’s roulette table.” Okay. So maybe they’re thinking of stirring up more undeserved attention by putting it on eBay or something. Their obnoxious statement finally concludes that  ”Together, we can ensure Michael Jackson continues to rock and ‘ROLL’ forever.” It’s a good thing that was a written statement, or the lack of laughter would’ve been embarrassing.

What do you think of the roulette ball made of Jackson’s hair?