Is there a music lover in your life, and you want to make sure to get them just the right gift this Christmas? Well, look no further than our list; there’s something for everyone whether you’re on a budget or ready to impress. And if you’re the type who’s guilty of borrowing your friend or significant others’ iPod for weeks at a time, well, there’s no better time to redeem yourself than in the holiday season!

We’ve rounded up all the best music lover gifts of 2011 below…

8. iTunes Gift Cards

They’re fast and easy, and come in a variety of amounts, ranging from $15-$100. Most people have an iTunes account, and undoubtedly there’ll always be several CDs on any music lover’s wish list. Don’t try to guess which album they want this holiday season; let them choose for themselves. Plus, save yourself the headache of fighting through crowded stores. And if you hurry, you can get a Special Limited Edition card with a picture of the Beatles on it.

Check out the selection at the Apple store!

7. Cordless Headphones

Because everyone’s tired of getting tangled in cords while listening to their music, right? If you thought wireless headphones were outrageously expensive, well, they usually are if you want high quality. But we found Sportsband Bluetooth Cordless Headphones, which range from $70-$100. These suckers work through Bluetooth + apt-X, which means the sound quality is, for lack of a better word, pristine. Oh, and we should mention that you can take calls through them, too.

Buy them on Amazon for $99.99!

6. iTunes Match, Google Music, or Amazon Cloud Storage

Don’t you hate it when you store so much digital music in one place that your computer/smartphone/etc crashes just trying to pull it up? Well, even if you haven’t experienced that problem, many music lovers have. So buy them a cloud so they’ll have some extra space to store their huge music library! $20 for Amazon Cloud Drive storage, for example, gives you one year of 20GB of online storage that can be accessed from anywhere you that you can get an internet connection. That’s only a dollar a GB. Seriously.

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5. Numark iDJ Live for iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Who says you need fancy DJ-ing equipment to host a party? When all you have to do is plug in your iPhone and blip, scratch, and mix away, any aspiring DJ would be completely set to host real parties or events. You can even imitate that trademark scratching sound without tearing up real records. Chicka-chicka-check it out.

Buy it on!

4. Multi-Headphone Splitter

Are you guilty of always borrowing one of your music-lovin’ friends’ earbuds to share their awesome music?  Well, maybe it’s time you bought them a headphone splitter so both of you can enjoy double-eared goodness. Plus, if you buy the Belkin RockStar Multiheadphone Splitter from BestBuy, then they can share with four more friends. Perfect for sitting in waiting rooms or Starbucks…with all of your friends. Or something.

Buy it at BestBuy for $14.99!

3. Alcohol Endorsed by Rappers

Need a stupid perishable gift because you’re on a budget and the audiophile you’re buying for already owns every piece of music and music buys imaginable? Well, bottles of wine branded with names like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, or Motorhead might make a pretty unique gift. Voli Vodka, for example, is in the $20-30 range, and made in America to boot, so you can feel good about keeping a few more Americans employed while you’re at it.

Buy a bottle of Voli Vodka Lemon at!

2. Rocksmith for XBox360

If the music lover on your list likes playing video games, wants to learn how to play some cool mainstream songs on their electric guitar (no, really, it’s not GuitarHero), or some combination of the two, then Rocksmith Authentic Guitar Games for Xbox 360 is the game for you to buy. Need it for a different console? No worries; you can also purchase versions created for Playstation 3 or PC. It’s the only game on the market right now that allows you to plug in a real guitar and play.

Buy it at for around $79.00!

1. Portable Record Player

Because there’s always that moment when you pull out some vinyls in the car and suddenly need to pull a record player out of your pocket, right? No? But you could!  There are more practical reasons for buying the CR6002A Portable Turntable, too: 1) FM Transmitter, 2) battery-powered, 3) USB connection and software to rip your vinyls to digital format and edit it, 4) headphone jack, 5) speakers, 6) it looks awesome on your living room table. What more do you need to know? Dig deep in those pockets!

Buy it from Crosley Radio for $149.95!

Any other suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comments!