2012 will be the year that The Killers release their fourth studio album – fans rejoice. Frontman Brandon Flowers told Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 that the group is busy working on a new record and that is will “definitely” be out later this year.

Flowers sat down with Lowe during his Radio 1 breakfast takeover show and told dropped the good news.

“There will definitely be a Killers record coming out in 2012. It’s just whether it’s out in the summer time or the winter time. That’s still up for debate. We’re still in the factory working.”

Flowers didn’t say what the record will be called, but he revealed the name of one song, “Battle Born,” which will be featured in the album.

The last Killers record was Day & Age, which was released in 2008. The rock band toured the world to support the record in 2010, and then announced that they would be taking time off. Brandon Flowers went on to release his solo album Flamingo in 2010; and drummer Ronnie Vannuci also released an album with Big Talk.

Flowers said that the new record will be a mixture of sounds from their last three records.

“I think the consensus within the band is to take those things that we’ve done well and really hone in on that.”

The group has already done some recording with Brendan O’Brien and are looking forward to working with Steve Lillywhite.