If The Good Rebels seem at all familiar to you, it’s probably because you know them under the name Pan Am. The eclectic Los Angeles-based band credits their sound and inspiration from many a reputable source. With self-proclaimed melodic beacons include The Beatles, Oasis and The Kinks – as well as varied sixties themes and rifts – theirs is a sound that most anyone can appreciate in the name of nostalgia.

However, it is the SoCal band’s ability to create a mood with as much substance and catchy-ability as their predecessors. Should hints of Suede’s “Filmstar” or fellow local contemporaries Saint Motel’s “To My Enemies” also ring clear in The Good Rebels’ repertoire, just consider them aficionados of the music world in more than general musical categories. Their debut album, appropriately named 2012, was released on the first of the year, and if that isn’t a sign as to whether or not they’re a perfect fit for our first BeatCrave Fav series of the year, we don’t know what is. For a melodic pick-me-up, edge, wit, and all else imaginable, check out The Good Rebels below.

Pick of the Day: The Good Rebels

Type: Rock, Indie

Label: Unsigned

Band Members:

  • Steven Lundy (vocals/guitar)
  • Gary Lundy (lead guitar)
  • Dan Attanasio (bass)
  • Kelly King (drums)

Upcoming Shows:

  •  1/20 Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles, CA


“Save Me” (Live)

“My, My My” (Live)


  • 2012 (2012)


More Info:

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