Don’t confuse Wolves with Wolfmother. The two bands may hail from the land of Oz and share a somewhat similar name, but their musical sound couldn’t be more different. This indie band got their start in Western Australia, where they have opened for internationally renown bands like Metric, Gyroscope and The Mess Hall. Most recently, the band of five caught the attention of producer Sylvia Massy who’s worked with hot bands like System of a Down and also the legendary Johnny Cash. Now, Wolves are set to release their debut album in 2012.

Wolves have already released their first single “Children” from their upcoming debut album Thieves & Wolves (see the music video below). The song gives you a taste of this band’s unique sound. It’s a blend of heavy guitar riffs and an energizing electric violin, all powered by a chanting chorus and Adam Burford‘s vocals. Wolves also released an EP entitled Mina last September. Wolves may not be as popular as Wolfmother just yet, but they’ve got the potential to go far, and that’s why we support them with our BeatCrave Fav series. Check them out.

Pick of the Day: Wolves

Type: Rock, Indie 

Label: Unsigned

Band Members:

  • Adam Burford (vocals)
  • Russell Winter (guitar)
  • Jason Robb (bass)
  • Rachael Aquilina (violin)
  • ReucasLim (bass)



“Mina” (Live)


  • Mina EP (2011)
  • Thieves & Lovers (2012)


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