Those of you who happen to be internet-savvy music obsessive already know who Lana Del Rey is—the smoky-voiced hipster chanteuse who has yet to actually release an album but has became both and internet sensation as well as the subject of an intense internet backlash due to her music videos for songs like “Video Games” and “Born to Die,” which many see as crass, studio-crafted and designed-by-committee attempts to generate an inauthentic, American Apparel version of hipster pop to shove down America’s throat.

And, for those of you who didn’t know that, perhaps it helps explain who that strangely robotic female singer was on Saturday Night Live this weekend, the one who could barely sing her way out of a wet paper bag live.

Del Rey became the third musical artist to perform on Saturday Night Live without even having an album out (her debut drops later this month), and, as has been the case with her other infrequent TV performances, Del Rey appeared nervous as all hell and robotically stumbled through her “hit” song “Video Games” in a performance that was hypnotic only because it was so obviously uncomfortable and awkward.

Check out the video below (via Rolling Stone): burning young talent or overhyped record label creation?  Let us know in the comments wall below.