The best way to describe the Boston-based trio Grey Valley Ghosts is as “evil pop.” Frontman and guitarist Madison Taylor doesn’t rock out to soft melodic pop, his band is more hardcore, like Nirvana or Tool. Their self-titled debut album will have you thinking you’re back in 1994 playing Sonic Adventure on your Sega.

This year the trio will play a handful of shows in the U.S. to support their sophomore album Bad Mallady. We’re excited to see where a band like Grey Valley Ghosts – who doesn’t sound like every other indie pop band coming out of Echo Park – fits in today’s music world, and we support their music. Check them out in our BeatCrave Fav series below.

Pick of the Day: Grey Valley Ghosts

Type: Rock, Alternative, Garage

Curve of the Earth

Band Members:

  • Madison Taylor (vocals/guitar)
  • Rob Black (backing vocals/bass)
  • Tim McCarthy (drums)

Upcoming Shows:

  • 2/18 – The Coliseum – Camp Hill, PA
  • 3/31 – The Raven – Worcester, MA
  • 6/28 – BackStage Lounge – Gainesville, FL
  • 6/29 – Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL



“White Door Light (Middle East)” (Live)


  • Bad Malady (2012)
  • Grey Valley Ghost (2011)

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