Like most any band worthy of a spin, Castle Lights evolved plenty before becoming what it is today. It initially started as a solo project for  Jeremiah Woods back in 2007, then it underwent a name change – from LightParade to its current moniker. Now, the Houston, Texas-based rock trio is a solid entity that seems to know its abilities and strengths. We say this because of the tracks heard on their 2010 EP release, Paint the Stars, their sound hits heavily on the nerves. On the whole, theirs is a swirling, complex, multi-layered endeavor with respect to music as a living, breathing entity – so much so that they’ve the knack to let their instruments do the singing for them, so to speak. Thankfully, their talent is not confined to studio walls; their acoustic version of the lead track from their EP, which can be found on video below, is a testament to versatility and involved live exploration on the part of the audience – something we’d love to dive into ourselves. Check them out in our BeatCrave Fav series below, and be sure to vote for them in this month’s poll!

Pick of the Day: Castle Lights

Type: Rock, Pop

Label: Unsigned

Band Members:

  • Jeremiah Adam Wood (guitars/vocals)
  • Aaron Michael Eaves (bass)
  • Tyler Scott Susuras (vocals/guitar)


“Paint the Stars” Acoustic Video

Cover, La Roux’s “Bulletproof”

“Not Alone” Live
[youtube jElNPxBP6Hg 570 420]


  • Paint the Stars (2010)


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