Remember when Barack Obama was super charming and likeable?  You know, before he was President of the United States?  Well, now that the president is beginning to campaign for our votes once again, he’s dropping his stern, professorial style and sliding back into Barack-the-charmer mode.  Case in point: Obama serenading a fundraiser with a few lines from Al Green’s slow-jam soul classic, “Let’s Stay Together.”  The even bigger shocker?  He’s not half bad!

That’s right, Obama wowed a crowd with a charming chorus from the soul classic at Harlem’s Apollo Theater yesterday in New York City.  We hear at BeatCrave challenge you to not be just a little charmed by this video, especially after weeks of grueling, humorless Republican debates:

So, sure, his first time has been more than a little disappointing… but I bet Mitt Romney would never lay down an Otis Redding or Sam Cooke jam session in the middle of fundraiser in which he and his pals light cigars with burning $100 bills (although that would still be pretty entertaining to watch).

What did you think of this lighthearted clip of the president?  Do you wish he was like this more often?  Or is there no room for levity in politics?

Source: The AV Club