Well, this should go over well without incident or controversy: recently, during Australia’s Big Day Out Festival, Kanye West’s soundcheck drowned out the Soundgarden performance on a neighboring stage, prompting Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell to call the music “retarded.”  Nope, shouldn’t offend anyone at all.

It went down like this:  Kanye West’s headlining set was delayed due to torrential rain, pushing his performance back by about 45 minutes.  As such, West’s soundcheck began to drown out the nearby, already-happening Soundgarden performance.  After Soundgarden fans began to boo the sonic intrusion, Cornell noted to the crowd that it “sounds like there’s children playing music there. Retarded children,” referring to Kayne and company, as well as their music.

Cornell then back peddled a bit, probably, as The AV Club notes, because he was aware that publically using the phrase “retarded” as an epithet might be taken as offensive.  He quickly noted that he used the term in the most literal sense possible, noting that he meant “’Retarded’ as in held back. There’s no other word for it.”  Ah, that explains it.  Should smooth everything over, nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see here at all.

What do you think of Cornell’s comments?

Source: The AV Club