We challenge winter blues to stand a chance with this weekend’s line-up – varied, as per the usual. Experimental instrumentals? Check. Lo-fi local goodness? Check. Raging alternative rock with nerve? Seriously, totally, yes. Now’s the time to shrug off whatever mood is ailing you and get into a one that fits a lot better – and preferably, one that fits all. Check out our picks for the weekend below.

  • The Vindits | Friday, January 27 | 7:00 pm | 21+ | $8 | Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL – Map | From the horse’s mouth themselves, it sounds like The Vindits are thrilled as all get-out to be playing at one of their local venues after a six-month hiatus.  The lo-fi band’s sound is polished but dirty, well-constructed but raw. At the same time, their tempo and mood shifts are keep-’em-on-their-toes-worthy, so yeah. We’re pretty thrilled for them, too. With The Visiting Hours – Buy Tickets
  • Bridges and Powerlines | Friday, January 27 | 8:00 pm | 21+ | $10 | Pianos, New York, NY – Map | The New York-based indie pop band is very, well, New York. If their band name wasn’t significant enough, their glitter-esque, upbeat-esque, happy-go-lucky-esque (sense a pattern yet?) approach to pop is very much so, only with the kind of shadow cast on a subject as a skyscraper casts a sometimes-cold shadow on a crowd on a hot and muggy summer’s day. In New York. We are behind the notion of any band – this band specifically – that has been busy-busy playing venues and connecting with fans since their latest studio album, Eve, was released last February. With Wolff, The Aye-Ayes, The Well-Informed, The Bandana Splits – Buy Tickets
  • The Giraffes | Saturday, January 28 | 7:00 pm | 21+ | $10 | The Grand Victory, Brooklyn, New York – Map | We can only imagine that Brooklyn’s uber-new music venue (as of last Thursday, January 19, apparently) is being christened by some quality New York acts, including but not limited to tonight’s headlining act, The Giraffes. Not only is the alternative-metal-hard rock act solidly constructed and easy to swallow (think Soundgarden, Velvet Revolver, and Queens of the Stone Age) but they’ve earned extra points for the yin and yang of their band name to their sound.  With Moon Rabbits, The Netherlands, Cinema Cinema – Buy Tickets
  • Secret Chiefs 3 | Saturday, January 28 | 8:00 pm | All Ages | $17 | Constellation Room, Santa Ana, CA – Map | Helmed by composer Trey Spruance, Secret Chiefs 3 is very experimental in approach, with electronic, ambient undertones, and layered Indian, Arab, and Persian music with and multiple rock influences. It’s background and current incarnation is as layered and complex as its sound, so much that it bends the mind just to comprehend. We can only assume from our own exposure that such twists and turns make for very smart music that stays with you – aka, remains worth the experience. With Dengue Fever – Buy Tickets
  • LA Font | Sunday, January 29 | 8:00 pm | 21+ | $8 | Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA – Map | Manages to sound a little bit like The Beatles, contemporary/modern-esque British rock, and sixties classic rock under a cloak of a Los Angeles sunset-and-star-encrusted skyline. Currently unsigned and wholly independent, the spirited Los Angeles-based foursome is gearing up to put out a new album, entitled Kickstarter (very apropos considering the temperature and tempo of their sound alike). They’re nearly at their goal, so check out their campaign for the album here - you know, before you head out to their show later. With The Ross Sea Party, Rogue Valley – Buy Tickets
Those are our picks and we’re sticking to ‘em. Who’s on your To See List this weekend?
Photo by Michael Sternberger