Well, BeatCrave readers, the votes have been cast, the count is in, and the BeatCrave Fav Artist of January is The Kickback!  Congrats!  And thanks to all of those who participated and voted for your fav band!

If you haven’t had a chance to dig into The Kickback yet, check out their BeatCrave Fav feature from January.  You’ll learn more about the band, their sound, their songs, and what’s coming up for them in the new year.

The other participants in the January BeatCrave Fav contest were the L.A.-based rock, funk, and hip-hop melting pot of Monroe, the multi-layered rock and pop of Castle Lights, the “evil pop” of Grey Valley Ghosts, the alt-rock stomp of Wolves, and the eclectic rock ‘n roll of The Good Rebels (who came in at a close second place!).

Each month, we here at BeatCrave feature a handful of bands that we can’t get enough of.  At the end of the month, we then run a voting contest with readers, in which you cast your vote for which band you like the most.  Stay tuned next week for the first of our BeatCrave Favs for February.  Thanks for voting!

Who did you vote for?