Adele‘s “Someone Like You” has enjoyed much success, from being on Top Charts around the world to the critical praise. But when Adele sat down to write this song, she probably didn’t have ‘Grammy’ on her mind – she was writing from her broken heart. Naturally, “Someone Like You” has become a popular cover song for other famous singers like Katy Perry as well as many unknowns on YouTube. Recently, a band of newcomers called Crowd/Theory jumped on the bandwagon and covered the song. Their video has gathered thousands of views and we decided we’d bring it to your attention. Check it out below.

Crowd/Theory are a four-way band from Los Angeles. Leading with vocals is Heath Francis whose voice is somewhere in-between James Blunt and Liam Gallagher. Joining Heath are Sean Wills (keys and guitar), Mike Doran (Shaker, Cabasa, Guiro, Claves), and Jonathan Morin (violin). Together they were able to cover Adele successfully and uniquely, making the video feel like one of those BBC 1 live sessions.

Recently the band posted on their Facebook page that they’ll be covering another song and making a video similar to the one below. This time they’ll be taking a popular club song and putting a different spin on it.

Now, without further ado, check out Crowd/Theory’s take on “Someone Like You” and check out their Facebook page for more music. Enjoy!

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