While many stars, singers, and celebrities are remembering Whitney Houston now that she has passed, perhaps the most touching tribute/ remembrance thus far was Jennifer Hudson’s stirring and reverent cover of “I Will Always Love You” at Sunday night’s Grammy telecast.

The song, originally written and performed by Dolly Parton, was covered by Houston in 1992 for the film, and subsequent soundtrack, The Bodyguard.  It has since become Houston’s signature song.

So it was fitting, then, that Hudson (who Grammy host LL Cool J deemed ” the closest thing we have now to what Whitney was”) would cover the song during the Grammys, despite however emotionally difficulty it would be.

Reportedly, Hudson has difficulty performing as she was “holding back tears, and reports are circulating that the singer had an understandably difficult time preparing for her performance… She was having a hard time getting through the song, especially on the second run-through.”  That said, Hudson performed the song with dignity and aplomb, and turned what could have been a tacky or sleazy awards show moment into a dignified remembrance of a fallen pop idol.  Check out the video of Hudson’s performance below.

What do you think of Hudson’s performance?

Source: CNN