Because he’s a talented singer, dancer and performer who only occasionally will violently and repetitively punch his girlfriend in the face, viciously bite her neck and ear, and then slam her face over and over again against a car door, then destroy a green room when an interviewer has the audacity to ask him about, and THEN begins telling his critics to f*** off on Twitter because he won a Grammy and so now he can do anything he wants, Chris Brown will be appearing on the newest single by Rihanna, his ex who he happened to beat into unconsciousness in 2010.

Brown will be appearing on “Birthday Cake (Remix),” rapping on one verse and then singing on another.  It’s a shocking turn of events, and a move that was certainly made to raise eyebrows and garner attention to the new single.  And if there is one thing that exceedingly violent and disgusting domestic assault should be used for, it is for selling records, right?  So we should all get off of Chris Brown’s back, because he’s famous and he won a Grammy, ok you guys?

What do you think of the Chris Brown and Rihanna duet news?

Source: Vibe