Davy Jones, frontman of the 60s pop group The Monkees, died today in a hospital in Florida. TMZ broke the news this morning, stating that Jones died after suffering a heart attack. However, an official cause of death has yet to be announced.

Born David Thomas Jones on December 30, 1945, Jones got his start in showbiz when he landed a role on the long-running English soap opera “Coronation Street” in 1962. Two years later, he headed to the West End theater in London to play the part of Artful Dodger in Oliver!. On February 9, 1964, the entire cast of Oliver! appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. Coincidentally, it was the same night The Beatles made their American television debut on said show.

Shortly after Oliver!, Jones was cast in “The Monkees”, a comedy show revolving around a young pop band, which also included Americans Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz, and Michael Nesmith. With ads in The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety, the show became an instant hit. “The Monkees” ran on NBC from 1965-1968, and the band scored big hits like “Last Train To Clarksdale,” “I’m A Believer”, “Stepping Stone”, and “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.

In 1971, after their mainstream success dwindled down, The Monkees split, and Jones went solo. He tried to return to acting in the late 70s, but failed to achieve success. Finally, in the mid-80s, when MTV started airing old episodes of “The Monkees”, Monkee mania was reignited and the band reunited for a tour in 1986. The band toured throughout the years, but had a falling out in 2001. Last summer, the Monkees came together one last time for an anniversary tour.

At the time of his death, Jones was touring as a solo act. He played his last show on February 19, 2012, in Oklahoma.

Below are photos of Davy Jones and The Monkees, take a look:

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