The new Gorillaz music video will have you reconsidering the toast you had breakfast this morning. In a creative and, might we add, cartoonish kind-of-way, the English group put together a very animated music video for their latest track “Do Ya Thing” featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000. Watch the official music video below.

Directed by English comic book artist and Gorillaz’ co-creator Jamie Hewlett, ‘Do Ya Thing’ features a whole lot of mess and amazing-looking CGI.

The new track, which features an unlikely three-way collaboration between Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 is part of the “Three Artist. One Song” campaign for Converse. You can actually see 2-D getting smacked across the face with a Converse (designed by Hewlett).

The song is great, and the music video just adds its greatness. Overall it looks like Gorillaz members Murdoc, 2-D, Noodle, and Russel had one hell of a party the night before. Beware of the bloody ears, they might make you queasy.


We’re liking the mixture of CG and live action. The apartment definitely looks like an actual real-life apartment. There’s also a quirky sense of humor going on in the silence of the characters, wouldn’t you say?

What did you think?