Instead of embracing a singular music style, the 21st century so far has been about being experimental within one’s genre of choice. Whether rock & roll, alternative, punk, pop, indie, space age, electronic, metal, or folk, with ten million ways to make music, suffice it to say the box been needing throwing out for a long while. It a good time to be listening to music simply because it’s running around free, and these bands are proof of that. Check out our picks for the weekend below…

  • Beast Make Bomb | Friday, March 2 | 8:00 pm | 21+ | $10 | Pianos, New York, NY - Map |Punk, surf rock, and pop are the combined/alternating genres of choice for the Brooklyn-by-way-of Texas, Florida, and Ohio-based garage band. As should be of any artist, no subject is off-limits to be carried by solid, layered melodies and defined lyrics, which can be oft-heard on their latest release, Sourpuss. If you can’t catch them this evening, they’ve recently added dates to their SXSW tour, which you can check out here. With You Can Be a A Wesley, Echo Friendly, Marc Kamhi, Edelveiss - Buy Tickets
  • Modern Time Machines | Friday, March 2 | 8:30 pm | 21+ | $8 | The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA – MapLike comfort food made from evaporated components or reminiscing over getting an email instead of a text message, contemporary 21st century ideas of nostalgia seems to be the theme and melodic/instrumental make up of the LA-based band. Indie space age pop rock would be the best way to sum them up, which makes their name entirely apropos. This being their record release party, we are looking forward to what their debut, Continuity Girl, will further open our ears to. With The Pity Party, The Monolators, LA Font – Buy Tickets
  • Saints of Low | Saturday, March 3 | 9:00 pm | 21+ | $5 | Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, CA – Map | There are other reasons to consider a band other than a musician as eclectic as Ben Harper having sat in with them at one point, but it’s definitely a good start. Saints of Low is very loyal to their hometown as much as they are to metal and hard rock, as well as deconstructing and constructing new ways of making the genre fresh and accessible. They will be heading the 3rd Annual Gold Rush Tattoo Musink After Party, a evening of joint tattoo/music appreciation that will include DJ-ing, photobooth-ing, and giveaways. Tickets available at the door; for more info, call (949) 642-0600.
  • E+ | Saturday, March 3 | 9:00 pm | 21+ | $8 | Hideout, Chicago, IL – Map | There is something very modern about the experimental nature that the Chicago-based band takes on in 4 to 5-minute musical snippets. A little alternative, classic, glam, and new wave in approach, we’re sure this live performance will be more than enough to keep attention until a little more than a YouTube video and sparsely-fed Facebook page come around (although there is quite a lot to be said and appreciated for mystique). With Robbie Hamilton, Touched By A Ghoul – Buy Tickets
  • The Shivers | Sunday, March 4 | 10:30 pm | Free | Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY - Map | If there seems to be a lot of good music coming from New York, The Shivers would be a reason why. Their tracks are original and energetic enough to stand on their own, but evoke certain familiar components that keep us coming back to alternative rock and its respective variants. Sometimes they’re a little U2, other times, a little Muse, but at all times there’s a rich core and musical conversation going on that threads it all together. For venue information, call (718) 383-0885.

Those are our picks and we’re sticking to ‘em. Who’s on your To See List this weekend?

Photo via Facebook