You’ve got to admit—Jimmy Kimmel is a late night talk show host who can think on his feet, as evidenced by his quick thinking on Thursday night, when rapper Lil Wayne was a no-show for his scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Kimmel’s reaction—grab a random audience member, slap a wig on him, and have the audience member pretend to be Lil Wayne for a full length video.  Check out the video below.

The audience member, whose real name is “Carl,” said that he (as Lil Wayne) read a lot of To Kill A Mockingbird while in jail “for speeding.”  He also incorrectly stated that he was from New York City (Lil Wayne is from New Orleans).  He also stated he bought nothing for Justin Bieber for his 18th birthday, as the Beebs is already rich.

No explanation was given for Lil Wayne’s absence, but one thing is for certain—the interview was more than likely far more interesting and lively than an interview with the real Lil Wayne would have been.  Perhaps this can become a new trend in late night interviewing—instead of forcing audiences to sit through boring interviews with celebrities, simply force the audience themselves to be the interviewees.  I’d watch.

What do you think of the JKL stunt?

Source: Billboard