Ever wonder would it would feel like to have your entire cranium implode, just like the guy in Scanners?  Well, if so, you’re in luck today.  Simply read the following sentence three times: in 2011, Taylor Swift earned more money on tour than U2, Lady Gaga or Adele.  If your head is still attached to your neck, I think I typed something wrong.

NME has it that the country-pop singer, whose songs essentially act as a musical US Weekly coverage of her personal life, earned $35.7 million in 2012, $29.8 million of which was garnered from her Speak Now world tour.  That’s right—Swift earned more than such acts as U2 ($32 million), Lady Gaga ($25.3 million), and Adele ($13.1 million).  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a head to explode.  Dig the top ten list of musical earners in 2011 below:

1. Taylor Swift – $35.7 million
2. U2 – $32.2 million
3. Kenny Chesney – $29.8 million
4. Lady Gaga – $25.3 million
5. Lil Wayne – $23.2 million
6. Sade – $16.4 million
7. Bon Jovi – $15.8 million
8. Celine Dion – $14.3 million
9. Jason Aldean – $13.4 million
10. Adele – $13.1 million

What do you think of the Taylor Swift news?