While April is the month of Coachella, it looks like Chicago’s Lollapalooza may be inadvertently stealing the left coast music fest’s thunder, as a memo has leaked that purportedly contains the entire Lollapalooza lineup—and it certainly looks legit.  Curious as to whether or not your favorite act is making an appearance?  Check out the full lineup after the jump—it’s got some surprises!

Now, the official lineup is supposed to hit on Wednesday, so it’s probably a bit silly to chomping at the bit for a Lolla lineup when we’re just two days out from receiving it, but hey—we’re music nerds, and wild, boundless speculation is what music nerds are good at.

The headliners are listed as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, and Black Sabbath, with other luminaries such as Jack White, Florence + The Machine, At the Drive-In, M83, Sigur Ros and many more in the support slots.

So what do you think of the supposedly leaked memo below?  Is this a fest you’d shell out half your wallet to go see?  Personally, it seems like there’s a paucity of top tier acts, while there are a bevy of solid supporting bands.

What do you think—is this the real deal?

Source:  Pretty Much Amazing