It’s two days before Coachella (Weekend #1) and just now we’re getting the set times. That’s Coachella for you, folks. Below we have the complete set times for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Find out who’ll be playing (and you’ll be missing) while you’re waiting for Radiohead to hit the stage. Let the conflicts begin!

As always, doors will open at 11 am, with most shows starting at noon. Mea will kick things off on Friday at the Sahara Tent at 11:20. Perhaps the toughest choice on Friday will be between The Black Keys and M83. Saturday seems like a no-brainer (ahem, Radiohead), but if you want to catch Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Feist, or Mike Snow, it’s going to be pretty hard to get a spot up front for Radiohead. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg will close the show on Sunday at the Coachella stage. If plan ahead and stick to your schedule, you’ll probably be able to catch Dre & Snoop and Florence + the Machine in their entirety.

Here’s are the set times:

Hopefully you’ll figure out a way to catch all of the bands you really want to see, after all, Coachella is about the music. Don’t get too caught up in the scene or you’ll miss the experience. DON’T be like the Trashy Class girls below:

Enjoy the music and have a great time. You didn’t spend all that money for nothing.

Which bands will you be seeing?