A new documentary about Hole drummer Patty Schemel revealed some rare vintage footage of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and their daughter Frances Bean. In it, we see what seems like an unfinished duet between Cobain and Love, as well as footage of Cobain playing around with baby Bean. Check out the video below.

Schemel is the one who released the video which shows Love playing an acoustic guitar while she and Cobain sing a song entitled ‘Stinking of You’. Schemel’s documentary is called Hit So Hard: The Life And Near Death Story Of Patty Schemel. It documents the singer’s life during the 1990s in Seattle where Nirvana and the grunge scene were born.

Recently, former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson announced that before Cobain’s death, he had recorded enough material for a solo album:

“He was headed in a direction that was really cool. He was going towards, a solo album but working with different people. I was really excited about some of the stuff he was working on. I got to see him play it in front of me. that’s why I was really sad when he died. He was cut short. Who knows where this music have gone?”

If it’s true and Cobain really did record enough material for a solo album, someone ought to find it. Cobain was a master at writing lyrics and we could really use some great music right about now.

The video shows us a cute glimpse into the couples lives, and they look quiet happy. Check it out:

What do you think? Did you tear up?