In a surprise move, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is set to host and act as the musical guest on the May 19th season finale of Saturday Night Live.  Why shocking?  Well, he’s got nothing to shill—his SuperHeavy bandmates are not billed with him, so that’s out; most of the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary celebrations are being pushed back to next year due to Keith Richards’ health; and Jagger hasn’t released a solo disc in years.  Is this the first salvo of unannounced Stones promo performances?

Regardless of his mysterious reasoning, this will be Sir Mick’s third time performing on Saturday Night Live, as the rocker first appeared with the Rolling Stones on the program in 1978, and subsequently appeared in the 1990s (with a killer Keith Richards impression) and in the 2000s.

So—is this the first heavy wave of promotion of the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary, or just an example of Lorne Michaels picking an A-list celebrity’s name out of his cell phone to cap off a lackluster season of mostly unfunny sketch comedy?  Only time will tell; that said, if Mick trots out some of his horrid solo material, this episode may be worth watching for trainwreck appeal alone.

What do you think of the SNL news?

Source: Rolling Stone