Alright, Cinco de Mayo weekend — gotta love that this year the day itself comes with a built-in day to recover afterwards, also known as Sunday. All that said, we propose a challenge to you in the form of a dare. We at BeatCrave double dog dare you to make this weekend more than about throwing back specially-priced cervesas and margaritas, or wolfing down more chips and salsa than you would any given Sunday on the couch in front of the game of your choosing. Knowing how hard it is to back down once dared, we’ve decided to make the challenge easier by doing what we do every end of the week. A little bit of everything thrown into the mix music-wise, plus warmer evenings and a few pals? We couldn’t make it easier, tequila shots aside. Check out our picks for the weekend below…

  • Miracles of Modern Science | Friday, May 4 | 7:30 pm | 21+ | $10 | Mercury Lounge, New York, NY – Map | The Brooklyn-based band takes experimentation to a different level, and we mean more than the general definition of “experimental”. While synths and electronic components definitely have their place, there was once such things as something you pluck and bang and layer via harmony, melody, rhythm and timing — and these are what they utilize best. Slightly akin to Mumford & Sons, their latest album, Dog Year, is out now. With Conveyor - Buy Tickets
  • Nightmare and the Cat | Friday, May 4 | 8:30 pm | 18+ | $8 | The Echo, Los Angeles, CA – Map | If there was an uber catchy band of the moment that we would love to see dominate the general local scene, it would definitely be Nightmare and the Cat. Currently LA-based by way of London, the duo clearly has a flair and a swagger that has us hooked by our inner ear. Unavoidable and inescapable so much that it might has have a warning label, but modern with the right amount of classic to be playful and anchored, their style is not one to underestimate. Prepare to be enthused. With Noah and the Megafauna, The Step Sisters, Samantha Shelton – for more information, call (213) 413-8200.
  • Roadside Graves | Saturday, May 5 | 8:00 pm | All Ages | $7 | Big Snow, Brooklyn, NY – Map | Roadside Graves goes all out in a very subtle manner – and if you’re asking how that qualifies as going all out, we’ll detail it for you. Mellow start, with punctuating lyrics, layered melodies/harmonies, built up via interludes and all out instrumentals, and generally ending with a long-ish continuous tone, tying it with a bow. Cleverly done, never overdone — if it wasn’t painfully obvious: we adore. With Gunfight, Jeremy Benson, Seapost – for more information, visit the venue’s website here.
  • Mahogany | Saturday, May 5 | 8:00 pm | 17+ | $10 | Subterranean, Chicago, IL – Map | We have a feeling that Mahogany is more than an experimental musical outfit from the East coast; it is an audible revolution, whether or not it is realized. Established by Andrew Prinz and benefiting from the art of collaboration, the band itself – further fueled by Jaclyn Slimm and Khaya Lou – is the recipient of knowledge, careful execution, and relative science. At the same time, its output is fantastic to sway along with. With Devon Kay & The Solutions, Shaggwell, Finding Valor – Buy Tickets
  • Kick Everything | Sunday, May 6 | 7:00 pm | All Ages | Free | Origami Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA – Map | Vocally, we’re getting a alternative punk rocker vibe that we can’t help but associate with hard hitting femmes such as Courtney Love, Shirley Manson, and Karen O. The balls-out approach, grungy guitars, low down and dirty essence is always more appealing with layered with I-dunno-what-that-is sound effects and happenstances of the modern rock electronic sort. For more information, call (213) 413-3030.

Those are our picks and we’re sticking to ‘em. Who’s on your To See List this weekend?

Photo via Facebook