The inseparable duo of Jay-Z and Kanye West have released the official video for “No Church in the Wild,” a track off of their 2011 collaboration album Watch the Throne. The music video, helmed by “Born Free” director Romain Gavras, features controversial riot imagery, burning cars, Greek statues, green lasers, fireworks and an elephant. Check it out.

Watching the “No Church In The Wild” music video, you feel like a bomb is going to go off any minute. Like some huge explosion is coming, but that never happens.

The music video is basically a giant slow motion riot between rebels and cops, intercepted with images of Greek statues. It’s violent, but not bloody. Then, at the end, there’s an elephant, which of course is meant to be symbolic.

Clearly, Jay and Kanye wanted to make this video a political statement. Both rappers have been associated with the Occupy movements and enlisting Gavras to direct isn’t very subtle. The French director is, after all, best known for his work on M.I.A‘s controversial music video “Born Free.” There’s also the inclusion of the elephant, which is the mascot for the Republican party.

Here’s the video:

Are you excited for another collaboration between Jay-Z and Kanye? What did you think of the music video?