Music, being sound, is awesome in that with one tweak of modification to a standard format, you get so many ear-friendly combinations. And with variety being the rotating spice rack of life sitting on our metaphorical kitchen counter, we are so into bands who abide by such welcome alterations and reinterpretations of so-called fixed genres. From modern rock fused with funk, 80′s electronic covers and originals, to tolerable emo styles and interpretations, we’ve got all bases covered no matter what mood you’re sporting. Check out our picks for the weekend below…

  • Stonefeather | Friday, June 8 | 8:30 pm | 21+ | $5 | The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA - Map | The Los Angeles-based trio works ultra clever lyrics within a funk-classic-modern rock tempo. Their infectious energy is uplifting, and in contrast with introspective and often downtrodden vocal expressions, the true-to-life aspect is what keeps our ears upturned. Well, that and their harmonies, on a layered vocal and instrumental  level. Way to impressively hit us from all angles. With Melpo Mene, Backseat Bingo - Buy Tickets
  • Chordashian | Friday, June 8 | 11:00 pm | 21+ | Free | Le Bain, New York, NY - Map | The electronic pop duo has been in the business since 2011, working both original creations and remixes, within and surrounding a hip-hop sensibility. One of their tracks consists of the lyrics, “a serious, serious space party”, and we would agree with that to be a fair description of their sound in general. Dancing on the outside; tripping, flipping, spinning over heavenly bodies on the inside – heck, maybe even on the outside, for all we know – it’s funky and polished and ready to be devoured by the masses. With Paul Raffaele, Kid Color – for more information, call (212) 645-4646.
  • Viva Mayday | Saturday, June 9 | 8:00 pm | 21+ | $10 | Pianos, New York, NY - Map | Viva Mayday is one of those modern bands whose style of rock is as in style as cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway on a sunny day. Although their album covers may seem to speak differently (as in, they are a little delightedly creepy),  reinterpreted, they’re just as funky and out of the box as their sound. The New York-based band’s sound is that which can dominate the room and the airwaves simultaneously, yet remain personable, accessible, and relatable to anyone listening. With The Yes Way, IAmDynamite, Careful - Buy Tickets
  • The Fencemen | Saturday, June 9 | 10:00 pm | 21+ | $5 | Township, Chicago, IL - Map | Speaking to the true spirit behind making music, The Fencemen combine rock and jazz – if not even rock and jazz – with each other; they make music for the sole purpose of making music. It probably wouldn’t matter if all they had was a box spring, a hollowed-out wall, tissue paper and a comb, to be honest. They are as true to the formation of music as they are to anything else, a testament to which their debut full-length, entitled Times Are Alright, can stand up toWith The Future Now, Thunder Bay, Meat Wave – Buy Tickets
  • Ballerina Black | Sunday, June 10 | 10:00 pm | 18+ | $5 | The Echo, Los Angeles, CA - Map | We don’t use the term “emo” loosely, but we do use it when it is respectfully and artfully applied towards the rock genre. This LA-based band in particular seems to get that emo means more than black eyeliner, asymmetrically-cut hair, and the occasional gut-wrenching moan. Rather, Ballerina Black stays true to self and listener by taking a more intellectual-inspired road by appealing to, well, the emotions rather than following a formula. Outside of tonight’s performance, this can best be heard on their latest EP, entitled Injurless. With Peeling Grey and Flaamingos – for more information, call (213) 413- 8200.

Those are our picks and we’re sticking to ‘em. Who’s on your To See List this weekend?

Photo by Charlie Kim