Some days, you just don’t want to get out of bed.  Work, traffic, stress, bad news, etc.  There are, however days like today, when a simple 30 second YouTube video of a live Lady Gaga show featuring the Gags getting struck with a metal pole and giving her a concussion is all you need to get out of bed in the morning.

That’s right—Lady Gaga was struck on the head with a pole from her stage show while performing a concert in New Zealand.  It took place on Sunday, during the third of three shows in Auckland.

In the video clip, you can see a backup dancer accidentally whacking the Gags on the head with a pole prop from the central stage, causing Gaga, who was busy firing a fake machine gun (really), staggering and touching her head before running off stage.  She then later returned to finish the show, which was part of her world tour.

On Monday, Gaga’s makeup artist Tara Savelo took to Twitter to state: “Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay … cant believe she finished the show.”

Like I said, some days are just better than others.

What do you think of the Lady Gaga video?

Source: Billboard