This September, a convention for fans of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be held in Ohio, and you’d never guess who’s going to host a panel there. None other than crazy party animal Andrew W.K. He’ll be there trying to figure out the answer to this question: What Would Pinkie Pie Do?

According to a press release (via Equestria Daily), Andrew W.K. along with the organizers of Canterlot Gardens think of him as the real life embodiment of the party pony, Pinkie Pie.

His panel discussion will give advice on how to make your job as fun as your party, and your party as important as your job. That might be hard for those of us who aren’t Andrew W.K. though. His job is partying, and partying is his job. Sorry we can’t all be that fortunate.

Eventually the fun-seeker will take some time to do actual work this year. He’ll be reissuing his classic debut album I Get Wet next month, and is also planning on starting sessions on the follow-up to his 2009 release 55 Cadillac.

The event will be held in Strongville, Ohio from September 28-30. Be sure to drop by and find out for us WWPPD. We’re dying to know. Thanks in advance.

What do you think? Are you a My Little Pony fan?