Axl Rose‘s European tour isn’t going too well. First he gets robbed – reportedly $200,000 in gold and diamond necklaces – then Guns N’ Roses get attacked with coins and cups by their own fans during a show in London, and now he’s falling all over the place. Watch the video below.

The Guns N’ Roses frontman took a nasty fall during the band’s headlining show at the French festival Hellfest this past weekend. Axl Rose was just getting started with “Sweet Child O’ Mine” when he tried to walk over to a higher platform and didn’t make it. He hit the ground, face first.

The singer took the fall like a professional and just picked himself up and continued singing, but you could see that he was a bit shaken by the incident.

This is actually the second time Axl Rose falls onstage during the band’s European tour. In May, he tripped over equipment and fell backwards during a live show in Liverpool. He was even forced to seek medical attention.

Now for the video. The original five-minute clip has been taken down for some reason, but we’ve found another shorter clip online (you’re welcome). Watch the incident unravel below:

What do you think? Did you laugh?

(Source: NME)