This week, the rumors that Jennifer Lopez was quitting American Idol returned. But this time, they didn’t stop at rumors because Jenny from the Block ended up quitting the show, along with pal and co-judge Steven Tyler. Meanwhile, Skrillex is on a roll with film projects, as it was announced that he would be contributing his music to Disney’s upcoming animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. We’ve also got Cookie Monster doing his own little parody of Billboard‘s hottest single right now, “Call Me Maybe.”All that and more below.

  • Skrillex Set To Score Another Film: Is Skrillex leaving the DJ booth to score films? Well, no – he’s still that superstar DJ you love – but he is adding another film to his scoring roster. Besides Spring Breakers, Skrillex will be contributing music to Disney’s upcoming and awesome-looking Wreck-It Ralph. According to ScreenCrave, the news was announced yesterday at the Comic-Con Disney panel.
  • American Idol News: Rumors have been going on forever about Jennifer Lopez’s future at American Idol. But those rumors just became an actuality – Jenny is leaving Idol. And so is Steven Tyler. Both judges have quit the show. According to Billboard, Tyler said that after long, hard thoughts, he’s decided to “let go of [his] mistress,” and return to his “first love, Aerosmith.” Jenny confirmed she was leaving the show on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning. Basically, she’s just too busy being a superstar that she doesn’t have time to be a TV star. And yes, there’s already talks of who’ll be replacing the judges. Billboard reports that Mariah Carey is ‘in serious talks’ to judge Idol.
  • 15 Sensational Superhero Songs: In the spirit of this Superhero-esque summer and Comic-Con, we’ve decided to include Billboard‘s list of 15 Sensational Superhero Songs. The list includes a bunch of superhero-inspired music from the best. Check that out.
  • Share It Maybe: And lastly, since “Call Me Maybe” covers and parodies are all the craze right now, we’re adding a very cute video by the Cookie Monster (not the one from Skins, the one from Sesame Street). His parody is entitled “Share It Maybe”, check it out:

Hope you’re all caught up now. Check in next week for another music news roundup, and don’t forget to keep coming back to BeatCrave for more industry news, and details on the latest bands.

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