Reflection is the debut album of Southern alt-gospel vocalist Pearl. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, the beauty behind the big voice and humbling tunes of Reflection has written a number of scripture-based songs and poems.  Lively acoustic guitar and heart-pounding percussion complements Pearl’s clean, pure vocals on almost every track.  The album proves to be multi-dimensional, incorporating choir-filled choruses, soft maracas, and a style ranging from the a cappellas of traditional gospel to a soft jazz that holds pop appeal.

Lyrics like “They hated Him/ So why would I think they like me?” and “I want more than a pat on the back/ I want more than my name on the map/ I want more than this world can offer me” are refreshing and vivacious takes on a Christian outlook that people can relate to from all walks of life. Indeed, the upbeat mood that transcends from the album accounts for more than a simple enjoyable listening experience–her honest words, contagious strength, and unmistakable certainty accounts for her ability to pierce the doubts and fears of people and turn them toward a path of hope and passion.

Pearl’s music moves beyond its intended purpose to share a young woman’s view of the world as a Christian, with songs like the title track “Reflection” and “More Than” becoming testaments of the impact we have on others through being honest about our beliefs, how music serves to inspire others, and what we can accomplish if we just have a little faith.

Reflection EP is available via iTunes or Amazon for $4.95.

Rating: 9 / 10

Track List:

  1. More Than
  2. Reflection
  3. Love of Jesus
  4. One of a Kind (Bonus)
  5. Humble Me (Bonus)