It’s been a decade and some months since No Doubt‘s last record. Now, they’re back with a banging and colorful new single titled “Settle Down.” At one point, we fans are going to have to face the music (more specifically, their music) and determine if No Doubt is really back. For now, enjoy the new music video below.

In “Settle Down,” we see the members of No Doubt drive colorful, retro-style trucks. They all arrive at a carnival-type party where everyone indulges in a dancing celebration. Gwen Stefani dances like it’s 2001 and she’s in “Hey Baby.” She’s as young as ever, and at times looks like Madonna‘s hot younger sister.

The music video is directed by Sophie Muller, who has worked with the band before. She directed “Underneath It All,” “Bathwater” and “Simple King of Life.” You can kind of tell from the warm colors used in “Settle Down” that this is Muller’s work. The video doesn’t really tell a story, or have a narrative, just lots of dancing, both onstage and on top of trucks. Maybe this was just a way for the band to break in their legs or something.

No Doubt’s upcoming record Push and Shove drops September 25th. Check out the video:

What did you think? Do you like No Doubt’s new song?