For the seven people left in America who place any real importance or significance upon who will be crowned their next American Idol, it’s being reported today that, in addition to Mariah Carey being a new judge on the program for a whopping $18 million, Kanye West might be bringing his blend of subtlety, nuanced wit, and mature decision-making to the show.  Brace yourselves.

Yes, in a desperate bid to claw to any level of pop cultural relevance that it can, American Idol is apparently willing to also pay Kanye West $18 million to join Carey at the judge’s table, as The AV Club notes the show is currently negotiating with West to “at least match” Carey’s gargantuan payout.  It’s not quite a done deal, however, as West is reportedly “on the fence” about taking the position as American Idol may not be “in his wheelhouse” (but guest spots on Keeping Up with the Kadashians apparently is).

In addition to Kanye West, American Idol has also apparently approached Nicki Minaj to join the show, in a position that will find her “mentoring” aspiring singers.  Adding fireworks to this news is the fact that Carey hung up her phone  in a rage when discovering that another diva might be joining American Idol—something that’s funny, but still not enough to make any sane or rational human being watch that show.

What do you think of the Idol news?