If you heard this news about any one rapper, chances are you wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. But hearing that pop singer and ridiculous-outfit enthusiast Lady Gaga lit up a joint onstage is baffling to the world. Just when you thought the girl couldn’t surprise you anymore she goes and does a thing like this. Watch the video below.

Lady Gaga started smoking pot onstage during her show in Amsterdam Tuesday night. She told the crowd that pot “totally changed” her life and had been “a totally spiritual experience for [her] with [her] music.”

She also said some other crazy things like that she was going to talk to President Obama about making marijuana legal worldwide (because, you know, he had that much power) and that she believed drug’s leaf symbol is the the “new peace sign.” And for those of you wondering if that giant joint got her baked, it didn’t. According to Gaga, that wasn’t nearly enough to get her high.

Lady Gaga is a controversial figure, and she has the right to do whatever she wants. But she’s got a young fan base. There are a lot of boys and girls who look up to her, some of them aren’t even teenagers. Maybe she should keep those type of recreational activities private.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Should she smoke pot in public or keep it private?

Source: NME