We’ve all seen those revolting Now That’s what I Call Music! infomercials. They feature pop song after pop song, and usually leave us humming a ridiculous tune for days. But now, they might cease to exist –– Are you jumping of joy already?

Yesterday Spin announced that Universal Music Group was merging with EMI Group. They reported that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved Universal’s $1.9 billion offer to buy EMI, without conditions. That might all sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but what you should know and understand is that this means EMI has to get rid of some stuff (since they are now under the reign of Universal).

This is not good news for the Now That’s What I Call Music! pop compilation series, which might have just seen its last release.

Tops of the Pops editor Peter Hart told The Independent that the series are “a total guilty pleasure” and an “essential part of growing up.”

“These song collections are nearly as an important part of British pop heritage as Top Of The Pops itself, and it would be devastating to see them disappear for good.”

Umm, he probably didn’t get that last bit right. These pop compilations usually feature Top 40 hits like The Black Eyes Peas‘ “I Gotta Feeling,” and music that’s on the radio on endless repeat. Might we suggest 8tracks for some actual good playlists/mixes? There’s something good in there for anyone.

How do you feel about this news? Are you happy, devastated? Let us know!

Other Source: Spin