This week, Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler announced that if the band were to stay together, they would leave Columbia Records for good and go the indie route. He’s done it before, he can do it again. Justin Bieber released another music video, this time for “Beauty and a Beat,” just another song about wanting a girlfriend. And Lana Del Rey debuted a music video about what it’s like to be crazy. It’s like kissing a bunch of old dudes apparently. All that and more below.

  • Aerosmith Might Go Indie: Aerosmith might be taking the indie route pretty soon. During a press conference, frontman Steven Tyler mentioned that if the band stays together they’ll abandon their deal with Columbia Records and self-release future albums. Tyler said: “We’ll definitely go that route, something somewhere over there. We’ve been keeping record companies stocked with millions of shekels for years, been making a lot of people rich – not that we haven’t, but every now and then you get into arguments with labels. You (start) to think, ‘Where is all this money going?’ We’ve definitely thought of putting stuff out. I was very successful last year with “It Feels So Good.” It proves it can happen.” Source: Billboard
  • Actresses Know How To Rap Too: Wanna see two rich white girls spit the truth? Here’s a short clip of actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz free-styling about Chelsea Handler‘s drinking problem and supposed relationship with 50 Cent. Source: Vulture

  • Justin Bieber And Nicki Minaj Grind… Sort Of: Clearly Justin Bieber is a fan of Project X. His new music video for “Beauty and a Beat,” featuring feuding rapper Nicki Minaj, is modeled after the teen party movie with its use of “real footage,” behind-the-scenes video and teenage debauchery. It’s different that your typical pop music video, but it’s still Justin Bieber. Check it out:

  • New Lana Del Rey Music Video: Lana Del Rey released a new music video today for “Ride,” the lead single from the Paradise Edition off her debut album Born To Die. It’s a 10-minute clip in which the songstress hangs with surly bikers, kisses a trio of older men and talks about being crazy and free. The video has LDR’s signature touch – serene landscapes, muted colors. The difference here is that it’s professionally shot and edited, something that’s become more common in her work. Check it out, there’s a lot of opportunities for snapshots:

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