Muse don’t like that The Rolling Stones are charging their fans hundreds of dollars to see them play. Last week, the iconic band sold out their London shows in less than seven minutes after the tickets went on sale, with the cheapest seats going for $144. To Muse, that’s just too much.

At the Q Awards, Muse’s bassist Chris Wolstenholme told the Daily Star:

“We’ve always tried to keep prices as low as we can so people can come and watch us. What’s reasonable for one person isn’t reasonable to another, but there really is only so much money a band needs.”

Wolstenholme continued saying that while it’s important to make some money, the most important thing is to go out and play live shows. He also mentioned that the band could earn more if they cut down production costs, but that’s not what really matters. Also, if they cut down their budget, then they wouldn’t have awesome alien spacecrafts onstage.

The Rolling Stones are making about $25 million for their run of live shows. According to NME, Keith Richards says he doesn’t want to charge fans super high prices, “I just wanna do some shows and I don’t want to charge over the bloody top,” but he’s not really doing anything to reduce ticket prices.

Muse kicks off their UK tour later this week. According to singer Matt Bellamy, the show will include aliens and an upside down pyramid.

“[The pyramid] is a very symbolic gesture. A lot of people think the pyramid represents power structures, you know, in every walk of life. Anything from basic corporate structures with a top down system where CEOs take all the profit and get paid more than the people at the bottom, which is the kind of down to earth version, to the Illuminati, you know… The pyramid seems to represent the power structures of the world. Turning it upside down is a gesture as to what we think of that.”

Muse’s first show kicks off this Wednesday, at the Glasgow SECC.

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